Quarterbacks and the “It Factor”

Well Brett Favre found a home. And it didn’t take long. He will conclude his career with the New York Jets. How that works out only time will tell. History says that there is probably less than a 50 percent chance that he will be successful. Still no matter how it goes it doesn’t change the fact that if Brett Favre has nothing else – he has “it”. And that’s all that matters.

Despite the fact that Green Bay wanted to move on without him after he “retired” – Brett Favre gets another chance with another team. That’s because he is a superstar. Quarterback is the “star” position in football. It always has been and it always will be. The NFL has virtually been defined by the heroics of the superstar quarterback. Johnny Unitas quarterbacked the Colts to a victory over the Giants in what is generally considered the most important game in NFL history 50 years ago. Joe Namath led the AFL Jets to a defining victory over the Colts in Super Bowl III. And supercool Joe Montana smoothly led the 49ers to multiple Super Bowl championships.

Each of those quarterbacks had the “it” factor that is so highly prized and rewarded. That “it” factor is a commodity that can be traded on again and again. You can be the biggest ass in the world but if you have “it” your excesses are usually tolerated and almost always excessively compensated.

Brett Favre who in recent years has proved to be a spoiled and petulant superstar has the elusive “it” factor found a new home. The New York Jets believe that Favre’s “it” factor is indeed worth millions.


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